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Okapi Candle Co.

Timberwolf Soy Candle - New Moon Campfire

Timberwolf Soy Candle - New Moon Campfire

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On the darkest night of the summer, a warm fire crackles in a clearing. Pine, birch, and hickory branches burn to form a blazing orange pool of light that extends just shy of the line of trees along the perimeter of the clearing. As the delicious scent of hand-collected kindling wafts into the nearby branches, the leaves of the trees rustle with the summer breeze. Was it just a breeze? Are those embers from the fire moving across your field of vision, or the glowing yellow eyes of something lurking just out of sight...?

Our 4 oz. candles come in a matte black metal tin and perform best in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms or standard-sized bedrooms. Our 7 oz. candles come in a black glass tumbler and perform best in medium-sized rooms, such as master bedrooms or entryways. 

YES! This product is phthalate-free.

YES! This product is free of ingredients listed under California Prop. 65, which contains chemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects

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Okapi Candle Co. candles are...

· Hand-poured in small batches by a one-woman team in Washington State
· Made with 100% soy wax, with no added dyes or paraffins
· Made and packaged only with materials that are reusable or recyclable
· Contained in beautiful black metal tins or black glass tumblers with label art featuring hand-drawn illustrations that make for stunning home décor or amazing gifts

Help us protect what we love!

10% of all online sales are donated to Defenders of Wildlife, a nonprofit nature conservation organization. Every purchase helps to protect the native plants and animals here in the United States.

(Please note: This store and its owner/operator are not affiliated with Defenders of Wildlife.)