Shipping & Return Policies

Got a question about how we ship? Need help with a lost package? Check out our return and shipping policies below: 

When will my order be shipped? 

Our current order processing time is 3-7 business days. After that, it depends on which carrier you have chosen during checkout. Please be aware that all carriers are currently experiencing delays, so once an item has been retrieved by a carrier, we will no longer have insight as to its location or progress beyond its assigned tracking number. If you need an item shipped sooner, or want to follow up on the status of your order, email us at 

Which shipping companies can I use?

Our store presently only supports shipping through USPS or UPS. We do not ship with FedEx, as FedEx has lost or broken many of our supplies on their way to us, and we do not want to end up passing this inconvenience on to our customers. 

What happens if my item gets lost in the mail?

If your item has been been scanned or updated by your chosen shipping carrier for 14 days, please notify us at We will file a claim with the agency and replace your product(s) free of charge. 

What do I do if my package was stolen? 

If your package has been marked as "delivered" but has not yet been delivered, this mis-scan does sometimes occur up to 48 hours before the actual time of delivery. However, if you do not receive your item within 3 days of it being marked as delivered by your carrier, please file a report for stolen mail with your local police department. Send us the case number at and once we verify that the report was filed, we will replace your products free of charge. 

Can I Return my Order?

Purchases from Okapi Candle Co. cannot be returned, as they cannot be resold once used. If you are not sure which scent you prefer, we recommend purchasing a sample pack to test samples and find scents you like. 

If you have further questions in regards to these policies, please reach out to us at and we will be happy to assist.