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Okapi Candle Co.

Cottontail Rabbit Room & Linen Spray - Sweet Woodland Berries Fragrance

Cottontail Rabbit Room & Linen Spray - Sweet Woodland Berries Fragrance

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Along the forest floor grow bright wild berries along their ever-expanding bushes and vines. Within the thicket hides the cottontail rabbit: soft, warm, and well-fed. The fragrance of sweet, sun-ripened berries will fill your home with a gentle, nostalgic sensation.

YES! This product is phthalate-free.

YES! This product is free of ingredients listed under California Prop. 65, which contains chemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects.

To enjoy this room and linen spray, simply shake well and spray into center of room or over linens or clothes to enjoy the beautiful fragrance! (It is recommended to first test this product on an inconspicuous area before further use.)

A great gift for: Farmers, florists, gardeners, and bunny lovers! Also an excellent choice for Easter, Mother’s Day, or just because!

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Okapi Candle Co. room sprays are...

· Hand-poured in small batches by a one-woman team in Washington State

· Made with only 4 components, with no aerosols or unnecessary additives

· Made and packaged only with materials that are reusable or recyclable

· Bottled in beautiful black glass with label art featuring hand-drawn illustrations that make for stunning home décor or amazing gifts

Help us protect what we love.

10% of all online sales are donated to Defenders of Wildlife, a nonprofit nature conservation organization. Every purchase helps to protect the native plants and animals here in the United States.

(Please note: This store and its owner/operator are not affiliated with Defenders of Wildlife.)